About Lamp Publishing

At LAMP Publishing we are dedicated to creating quality printed and digital materials that serve the church and Christians across Portuguese-speaking Africa

What we do

Printed materials and books, especially of a spiritual or theological nature are rare and expensive in Angola. Because of this, in 2016, The Angola Mission Team initiated a printing ministry based in Huambo, Angola. They now have the capability to print and bind books and other materials.

LAMP Publishing is working alongside The Angola Mission Team to obtain, translate, and create content to print for use in Angola and the rest of Luso-Africa.

LAMP Publishing is a division of Luso-Africa Mission Partners

* “Luso” is a reference to the name of the former Roman province, Lusitania, which is now known as Portugal. Thus, “Luso-Africa” refers to the parts of Africa with a connection to Portugal; this includes Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, and the São Tomé and Principal islands.

What we do


We work hard to keep our expenses low and the prices of our materials down. Therefore, we are dependent on financial support to help make this a viable ministry.


Our translation team helps us ensure that our material is translated into a quality standard of Portuguese that can be easily understood in various Portuguese-speaking countries.


Some of our material originates from Brazil and does not need to be translated. However, our translation team still proofs and revises the text for an international audience.


We do all the work involved in getting a manuscript from the word processor to the printing press. This includes preparing the layout, illustrations, charts, and much more.


We work directly with authors and publishing companies in order to obtain rights to translate, print and distribute their works in Portuguese speaking Africa.


We print all of our materials in Huambo Angola, using local materials whenever possible. This keeps the cost down and helps to stimulate the local economy.


Whether it is a simple staple fold, wire binding or a paperback with sewn signatures. We work hard to make sure that our materials are durable and of the highest quality.


Our materials are used, not only in Angola, but in Mozambique and Brazil also. Because of unreliable mail, we have creative ways of getting our material to it's intended audience.

Our Team

Daniela Neves

Translation Consultant (Portugal)

Lucas Pestana

Senior Editor

Hirondina João

Translation Consultant (Angola)

Sabrina Nino Campos

Translation Consultant (Brazil)