Michelle J. Goff – In God’s Right Hand (In Progress)

Securely held in God’s right hand, whom shall I fear? A vivid description of our heavenly Father that transcends the Old and New Testaments, God’s right hand is a special place of honor from which he demonstrates power and authority, promises protection and salvation, and provides a source of strength. God’s righteous right hand is also where Jesus sits to intercede for us.

Through this six-week interactive Bible study, we will explore these characteristics of God’s living and active right hand in our lives. Let’s join hands with him and walk together on the journey!


About Michelle

Michelle grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with her parents and three younger sisters. Her love and desire for helping women in their journey began early with her sisters, even when they thought she was being bossy (ha!). They’ve all grown a lot from those early years, but the sisterly bonds remain. Michelle has been blessed by the support of her family through all of her endeavors over the years.

Michelle enjoys time with family, cheering on the Atlanta Braves and the LSU Tigers, having coffee with friends, movies, travel and speaking Spanish. And guess what her favorite flower is? Yep. The red rose.

She recently moved to Searcy, Arkansas, to be close to family and create a more stable home-base for Iron Rose Sister Ministries.

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