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Alvaro César Pestana has been following Jesus since September 15, 1968, when he was baptized in Christ Jesus at the age of 9. God’s grace allowed him to complete his first theology training course in 1978 and after that he became involved in the ministry of evangelism and teaching. He has worked as an evangelist in churches of Christ for 23 years but has been a professor in theological seminaries for over 35 years. Bachelor in Theology, Specialist in Distance Education and in Higher Theological Teaching, Master in Classical Languages (Greek), he is currently a doctoral student in Science of Religions. He works in Recife, PE, Brazil, at the Theological Seminary EBNESR and at the Home School of Theology (www.teologiaemcasa.com.br/cursos).
He is married to Linda S. T. C. Pestana and has two adult children: Lucas and Gabriela.


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