Called to Listen

How do we fulfill the commands in Matthew 22:34-39 to love God? And to love others? Listen to God. Listen to others. Easier said than done… Our Heavenly Father has a message that we have each been called to hear, but are you listening? Amid the noisy world we live in, listening has become a lost art. We know that “anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand” (NLT). But how should we listen? What is God saying? We may not hear from a burning bush like Moses, but we can hear His voice through His Word, through nature, through Christian brothers and sisters, even through silence… But again, the question we must ask ourselves is, “Are we listening?” Called to Listen is an invitation to personal devotion through forty days of Daily Listening Exercises, and to six weeks of small group discussion through the Weekly Reflections. Each week presents a different focus for our listening: to the Good Shepherd, the Creator, the Father, the Son, the Spirit, and through the five senses. We are equipping ourselves to listen to God and listen to others. Thank you for joining us in devotion to listening!

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Called to Listen

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Chamada a Escutar: Quarenta Dias de Devoção

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978-1-953968-05-0 (pt-PT), 978-1-7340293-4-5 (pt-BR)

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