The Making of a Leader

You Can be a Great Leader. Here’s How.

Your job title, education, and training won’t make you a great leader—only God can do that. But The Making of a Leader can help you see where you are in the process and what steps you should take next. By studying the lives of hundreds of historical, biblical, and contemporary leaders, Dr. J. Robert Clinton has gained perspective on how leaders develop over a lifetime. By studying the six distinct stages he identifies, you will learn to:

  • Recognize and respond to God’s providential shaping in your life
  • Determine where you are in the leadership development process
  • Identify others with leadership characteristics
  • Direct the development of future leaders

This revised and updated edition includes several new appendices and expanded endnotes as well as an application section at the end of each chapter. The expanded endnotes are of special help, as they connect to Dr. Clinton’s ongoing research and his further written material on leader development that has occurred in the twenty-three years since the original book was published.

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The Making of a Leader

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A Criação de um Líder: Reconhecendo as Lições e as Etapas na Desenvolvemento de Liderança

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