13 Lessons in Christian Doctrine

New Christians have important questions that need biblical answers. They need to know why they believe what they believe! Thirteen Lessons In Christian Doctrine is a study on the basic foundational building blocks of Christianity. Designed for new Christians, this book takes the new believer from his or her first encounter with Christ to a point of growing maturity. Some of the benefits included in this study are:

  • NIV text,
  • Studies on God, Jesus, and the Church,
  • Studies on giving and New Testament tithing,
  • Study questions to reinforce each chapter,
  • Studies on faith, repentance, and baptism.

These are high-powered, spiritual lessons designed for new Christians, Sunday School classes and Small Group studies.

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13 Lessons in Christian Doctrine

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College Press

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Doutrina Cristã em Treze Lições

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978-1-953968-02-9 (pt-PT), 978-1-952942-09-9 (pt-BR)

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